Product Design

Product Design

Our team of 30 engineers is able to design and create any innovative product upon client’s needs.

Product Design

Mould processing

81 injection machines, 1 dual color injection machine (60T to 380T) & 7 blow molding machines.

Product Design

Printing/Transfer print

With 20 Silk Screening machines and 2 Heat Transfer machines, we can satisfy all the needs from our clients.

Product Design

Hot Stamping

Gerpman owns 38 hot stamping machines.

Product Design


In our dust free spray room we have an automatic inner painting line.

Product Design

UV Metallization

Our Vacuum UV line with a length of 170m can hold upto 4000 pieces.

Product Design

Alluminium pressing

Installed with own machines to lower the costs and increase efficiency.

Product Design

Powder puff

Gerpman makes Powder puff (Rubycell) with its own machine imported from South Korea

Product Design

Product assembling

Assembled on a semi-automated assembly line with thorough inspection.

We provide solutions

Gerpman Industrial Co., Ltd has an advanced high-tech manufactory. Our highly trained and experienced team is able to do the product design, while our factory does the mould processing, injection & blow moulding, secondary processing like printing, hot stamping, transfer print, spraying & UV metallisation. Furthermore, we can stamp & polish aluminium parts, produce powder puffs and finish by assembling the products. Gerpman is continuosly increasing customers´ satisfaction by providing new, quality solutions to our customers with our cosmetic packaging products.

About us

Gerpman is specialised in designing and the production of cosmetic packaging. Founded in 2012 with an initial investment capital of $300,000 Gerpman has developed itself after only 4 years, into a company with around 800 employees. The annual sales turnover of 2016 will reach $50 million. Investing in new R&D and new plants is totally in our nature. We are not scared of doing things and we have a hands-on mentality. As we are growing really fast due to more demand and more clients, we decided to build a new factory of 60,000 sqm which will be operational in July 2017 and will allow us to employ 3000 people in total. Our headquarters are located in Taicang, a wealthy economic development zone, which is just north of Shanghai and only 30 minutes away by car from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. Since 2012, we have developed an advanced manufacturing system. This system allows us to do the product design, mould processing, injection & blowing molding, secondary processing (printing, hot-stamping, transfer-print, spraying & UV metallization), aluminum parts stamping & polishing, powder puff production and finalise by assembling the semi-finished products. Our experienced team of engineers and designers will help our clients to design and produce anything based on their requirements and start a packaging project right from the beginning, continuing to the full product and brand design, all the way to production and delivery. The goal of our company is to deliver the best quality products with the most innovative machinery, according to our clients’ needs. We are committed to deliver complete customer satisfaction for any project we work on.



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Jars series

Single layer and double layer Jars with different volumes and decorations.

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Double layer A/B bottles series

Double layer bottle to create different effects with the packaging.

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Single layer A/B bottles series

Single layer bottle in any color with any print for all kinds of lotions.

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Thick wall lotion bottle series

Used on cosmetic products such as lotions, foundations, toners and serums.

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Make-up series

Packaging solution to hold all kinds of make-up.

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Straw bottle and pour water bottle

Used for all kinds of lotion products in different volumes.

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Tubes, sprays and others.

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Skin Care series

Series for your lotions, foundations, toners and serums.

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Compact series

Innovative solution to contain powder or fond de teint.

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